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Once upon a time a Seagull went to war. In the heat of the great attack a lot of its Seagull friends lost their lives.
This is the story of how it feels to breathe through a Seagull in the tough periods of its life.


01. Seagulls Go to War

The flock of birds is getting bigger and bigger. Seagulls from all over the area are joining the battle against the frightening enemy.
The question can’t escape the mind of the Seagull. How many will die and will it be worth it?

02. Mourning Seagull

The battle is over. The Seagull has lost a lot of its most trusted friends to the kingdom of fallen Seagulls.
It’s possibly the saddest experience since the Seagull lost its mother to a great depression.

03. Dramatic Retreat to Save Seagull Life

Oh no! The enemy is attacking! Out of nowhere they are suddenly everywhere. RETREAAT!
Adrenaline levels rise faster than a Seagull can fall to the ground. It’s a very confusing moment for the Seagull.

04. Breathing Seagull

The Seagull got away. In order to restore itself for the next big battle it uses breathing practices.
Will it survive the next time a war is raging? And what will the consequences be from having lost this one?

05. Dead Zone

Think about it.



How to listen

In order to get the best listening experience I prefer to sit or lie down with a good pair of headphones. Speakers are fine
as well but headphones seem to impact the brain differently.

Relax and let your ears adjust.

Personally I imagine a seagull going to war.

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